You set the agenda in Philosophical Counseling – your questions, concerns, curiosities.  I help you explore these issues - suggesting ways to frame, formulate, clarify, deepen, lighten, resolve or reevaluate these issues – or to move beyond them or set them aside.   We proceed at your pace.

Image by Dan Girgis
Examples of topics:

  • Meaning and purpose

  • Values and priorities

  • Conflict and compromise

  • Pleasure and happiness

  • Aspirations and regret

  • Change and loss

  • Suffering and mortality

  • Freedom and power

  • Wealth and generosity

  • Responsibility and justice

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all sessions are virtual (via Google or Zoom).

The cost for a one-hour session is $100.  A three-session package is $275, and a five-session package is $400 (prefer payment via - Payment or ). 

Not sure if Philosophical Counseling is for you?  I offer a free, no-obligation 15-minute telephone consultation to discuss your interests, what I can offer, and how we might work together.   Please contact me.

“Let no one who is young put off engaging in philosophy, nor anyone who is old weary of it.  For no one is either too young or too old to attend to the health of the soul. To say either that it is not yet the time to engage in philosophy or that the time has passed is like saying that it is either not the time or no longer the time for happiness.” 


 Epicurus, “Letter to Menoeceus” (circa 310-270 BC)