Philosophical Counseling is nothing more - and nothing less - than the practice of millennia: dialogue regarding what we can know, and how we might live.  Individual study and reflection are vital for philosophical understanding, but so is talking with others. Through dialogue, we see objections and alternatives, gain perspective and clarity, discover new dimensions and possibilities, and see what is often hidden in plain sight.  

Philosophical Counseling allows probing and enriching dialogue with another human being.  Someone who - in addition to learning from the school of life - is familiar with a variety of philosophical thinkers and traditions, insights and ideas.  Philosophical Counseling helps see how brilliant minds from the past can light the way forward - not necessarily by adopting their ideas, but by philosophizing yourself.  It can bring understanding and peace, and enable you to begin again with new confidence and strength.  It is in many ways very simple - and often very powerful.
“No one can live a truly happy life, or even a bearable life, without philosophy... It molds and shapes the mind, gives order to life and discipline to action, shows what to do and what not to do. It sits at the helm and steers a course for us who are tossed in waves of uncertainty.  Without it, there is no life that is not full of care and anxiety. For countless things happen every hour that need the advice that philosophy alone can give.”
Seneca, “Letter to Lucilius” (circa 62 CE)

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