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Do you wonder whether you are missing something?  Missing larger questions, deeper issues, fuller understanding, greater purpose?  Are you not sure where to start, how to pose your questions, where to go for answers, how to explain yourself to others, or to arrive at an understanding you can live with?   Do you wonder how philosophy might help?  
Image by Sonaal Bangera

"Philosophy" means “the love of wisdom.”  Long before becoming a narrow academic specialization it addressed the largest and most urgent questions in life. For centuries, philosophy offered a transformative way of life – a way of thinking and acting in pursuit of clarity, wonder, wisdom, virtue, justice and the good life.  

Larger Questions is inspired by the original premise and promise of philosophy – that we can bring philosophy to life.  It was founded to help you experience philosophy - to pause, step back, widen the frame, rise higher, go deeper.  To explore the most important questions – and your most important questions – through philosophical insights and clarifying conversation.  You can address larger questions - discovering new perspectives, new understandings, new wisdom – and in doing so, discover new life.

“…a philosophical problem has the form: ‘I don’t know my way about.’” 

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations (1953)

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